The Snapper Business Package!

Please Note : Snapper Hovercraft are only available as a package for business use. We no longer sell the Snapper as a recreational hovercraft.

Flying Fish Hovercraft are delighted to offer an unusual and exciting business package. As manufacturer of The Snapper, we have the perfect hovercraft available - which is designed and built specifically for usage within events businesses for driving experiences.

These UK, hand built, little machines provide incredible thrills to the public at activity centres and driving experiences at a number of venues in the UK and abroad. We opened our own events business early in 2011 in Queensland and have enormous experience in running these events, which allows us to make the same package available in other areas of the country including hovercraft, spares, training and all the other necessary equipment and support you need to add them to your existing events business or start from scratch as a profitable and fun business.

It perfectly fits into existing events who are looking to expand their range of activities such as quad tracks, paintball sites or Jetski hire lakes.

The package price of $75,000.00 includes much more than 'just' three amazing, brand new, hovercraft!

Three Snapper Hovercraft in your choice of standard colours (for full details, see below)
One road trailer
Three hovercraft covers
Spares package including replacement skirt segments, blades & belt, service parts, cables, various fixings etc totaling approx $2000.00
Use of our website design and a credit towards establishing a web presence.
Online ticketing/voucher system for 12 months
First batch of vouchers, gift certificates, presentation certificates & brochures provided with your own details.
We visit your site to advise on course design and train your staff in maintenance, servicing and teach them to instruct clients.
One day training for company principle/administration staff at our facility in SE Queensland.
Immediate listing with packaging and ticketing companies.
Advice on where to source insurance.
Become an agent for Flying Fish and receive a commission on hovercraft sales.
Preferential rate on spares.
No ongoing fees or charges – this is a straightforward business start-up, not a franchise.
Ongoing support and advice.

Option – Change one of your ‘Snapper’ hovercraft for a ‘Marlin’ two seat hovercraft suitable for giving rides for just $4,000.00. Alternatively add a Marlin hovercraft to the standard package for $20,000.00 ($8,000.00 saving.)

The Hovercraft

The Snapper was developed specifically to provide a thrilling driving experience for the public at events and activities centres. These incredible little craft are easy to drive and fast enough to be fun. They’re tough, easy to repair and easily serviced with long service intervals. They look fantastic and are professionally finished with a strong fibreglass hull and stainless steel fittings.

We’ve personally run these craft and events for over ten years and in that time have learned everything there is to know about maintaining and repairing them. No other manufacturer produces a craft which is designed specifically for driving experiences, or has as much experience of operating their own craft as Flying Fish does.

Your choice of colours from our standard range.
Powered by Briggs & Stratton 23bhp engine
Revs at just 3800rpm
Low noise (74dbA at 25m) at a low frequency
Electric start
Very frugal – drinks just 5-6 litres fuel per hour.
Commercial engine power means long service intervals and long service life.
Very robust craft and engine.
Cheap and easy to maintain segmented, flexible skirt.
Simple driving controls consisting of handlebars and throttle – that’s it!
Training takes less than ten minutes per driver.

The Event

A grassy field and a watersplash! That’s all you need to provide to complete the requirements of this unusual and sought after event. You can even dig your own water-splashes if there is no water on your potential site.

You can work from a home office, taking bookings either by phone, your websites ticketing system (included free for 12 months, thereafter an annual fee is payable) or from voucher companies. We’ll show you how to train folks in under ten minutes before they start pursuit events, relays and individual competitions.

Depending on your site, you’ll ‘process’ up to 30 people a day at an average rate of $85.00per person. With good marketing, you should fill most weekends through spring, summer and early autumn – producing a monthly turnover of around $20,000.00 per weekend with an excellent profit margin.

This isn’t speculation – it’s proven figures!

Flying Fish Hovercraft

Flying Fish is a family owned business based in Dover in SE England with an Australian ‘branch’ that imports hovercraft and runs its own driving event. Firmly established as one of Europe’s largest hovercraft manufacturers, the business has developed the craft over ten years in which time hundreds of hovercraft have been sold throughout the world. Alongside this, Flying Fish run their own events business in both Australia & the UK, and have taught literally thousands of people to drive their craft. You’ll be dealing directly with the manufacturer with all the benefits and support that brings.

Flying Fish have proven their craft in the harshest possible environments and taken on the biggest challenges. For instance,

The only small hovercraft to have made multiple two way crossings of the English Channel.
Completed eight challenging 1000km French ‘Rhone Raids’ on Rhone & Soane Rivers.
UK National Coastal Racing Champions in 2005/2006
Inaugural UK National ‘Formula 503’ champions.
Suppliers of craft to the makers of the BBC’s ‘Frozen Planet’ for use in Arctic conditions.
The only small hovercraft to have completed a two way crossing of the Irish Sea.
In use around the world in hundreds of different applications from flood response to cockling and from mud-sampling to yacht tenders!

Today, employing six full-time staff at their factory in Dover, the business continues to supply thrill seekers with exciting, reasonably priced hovercraft and commercial users with a vehicle able to access all areas at very moderate cost.

For more details, call Russ on 0754 38 9292 for a chat and we can arrange for you to come along and see how it works!

To see the feature about our own track - take a look at the Channel 7 'Great South East' segment on the VIDEOS page of this website.


Hull construction - Glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass.)
Protection - Two keel strips, perimeter aluminium strip.
Fan protection - 50mm guard to front of duct.
Flow straighteners - 7 concentric, give extra thrust & fan protection.
Dry Weight - Approx 190kgs.
Payload - 130kgs or 1/2 persons depending on conditions.
Seating - GRP seat for one or two people.
Steering - Handlebars with throttle control.
Length - 2.65m
Width - 2.0m
Height 1.5m
Engine - Briggs & Stratton 22bhp V-Twin 4-Stroke.
Starting - Electric.
Max Revs - Static 3800rpm
Flotation - Floats and starts on water.
Buoyancy - Foam filled plenum, positively buoyant when swamped.
Noise - 70dbA at 25m at normal cruising speed.
Fuel Capacity - 18 litres.
Range - Approx 130kms, depending on conditions.
Maximum Speed - Approx 60km/h depending on surface/wind/load.
Cruising Speed - 40km/h depending on surface/wind/load.
Skirt - Neoprene coated nylon in 62 replaceable segments.
Fan - 6 Blades, 940mm duct, 120m/s tip speed.
Standard Fittings - Passenger grab handles, towing eye, three mooring cleats.
Water Ingress - Two drain plugs to void interior, bilge pump in plenum chamber.
Strengthened load points - handles, tow eyes, cleats, frame, steering etc.
Storage - Front pockets.
Engine/Fan frame - Stainless steel.
Recommended Operating Conditions - Preferably no more than a WMO Sea State 3.
Telephone 0499 104 456